Monday, July 5, 2010

Weigh In!!

So I weighed in last week and low and behold I lost 2.4 lbs!! whoo Hoo!!! I am going to keep it up! I did the challenge on and I must say I continued on that challenge. The original challenge was to journal for 12 days and I am on day 14 keeping it strong!! Lets see how I do for the next few months!! My own challenge!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Today was a good day! I stayed on track and did very well! I actually came home and made low fat corn chowder that tastes quite good!! I think I can eat on this for a few days or so and freeze the rest! I am very proud of myself....two days down and 10 days to go!!!

Oh what did I eat today?
Yougart with peanuts
Coffee with creamer
Taco Salad with Tea
Corn Chowder with kool-aid (yeah I know...bad)
The chowder was 326 calories with 4 gms of fiber

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

It's Been a looooong time coming...

Yeah where have I been? Well lets just say this...I have been eating eating eating and now I have the POUNDS to show for it. Its kind of funny that I can look at my old entrys and look at my current habits and say that I have not changed!!!! I mean come on Sonja whats going on girl? You have the whole world ahead of you and you cant even get this right...well I am tired and exhausted and I am going to give it another go...Yup I have managed to stay motivated more often than not and now I am saying to my self....I can't wait to see my new body and to wake up with good feelings!! Yup Its going weight that is!!

Monday, December 8, 2008

Lets try this again

So I have purchased a treadmill and I am getting a metabolism test (thanks tosia) and we shall see what happens from there. The good news is that I am 237 so I have managed to keep off some of the original weight but with graduate school and other stress related issues it gets harder everyday. I decided to move to a new apartment that has the amenities I need to get excited about weight loss along with more space than I can imagine. Hopefully this will keep me motivated because I know I havent been lately.

Hey guys keep me in your prayers because it is a hard road to travel when you are trying to lose weight! Take care and I promise to do better!!

Wednesday, April 16, 2008

A Colonic for everyone...

So what have I been doing lately? Well for starters I have gotten on this organic, purest kick. I have purchased everything from toothpaste to cleaning supplies that are organic. I have decided to rid myself of all the toxins I put into my body. Its hard because it is expensive but it is worth it. So since I have been detoxing what have I felt? Well I have been extremely tired with headaches unless I drink my green smoothie (greens, celery, lemon and apple etc tasty!!). I also received my first colonic.

I am sure you all are wondering how it went and let me tell you is an experience to be had. The stuff that comes out of your body is amazing. I am fully convinced that dextox is the way to go! Yes it will be hard and it has been tough. There are only so many salads one could eat...or is there? Well the world of raw foods is amazing!!!!!!! I love it! It makes me feel so happy and so full of life. I only wish I had someone in this town to share in my experiences. Courtney does not want to try anything I make. She turns her nose up at my shakes and tells me that it's nasty, even though she never tastes it. The Colonic on the other hand was an unfamiliar territory and I will not try it again anytime soon. Perhaps when I have lost a few more pounds.

So far how much have I lost.....Well I weigh 238. So it is fluctuating but still pretty slow. Just send your blessings and your encouragement along the way. Thanks

Monday, March 24, 2008

This is from Karen Knowler she is a raw foodist and this is a great article she wrote. Enjoy

Did you know that your body runs to three 8-hour cycles per day? And do you know what they are and why it pays to work with them? Yes / No? Well, you will do in a moment! The following information is invaluable. Although the basic teaching has Ayurvedic roots and therefore is thousands of years old, I first came across it about 16 years ago in the bestselling health classic Fit for Life, and it made complete sense - as it still does now. Utilising this knowledge throughout my own healthy eating/ raw food journey has made all the difference, and I still for the most part live in tune with these 3 cycles to this very day. I make sure that all of my clients are aware of this information before we begin menu planning - it makes all the difference to them, and it will make all the difference to you too. Just try it and see!Let's begin this mini teach-in by naming these 3 cycles. They are:1) Elimination 2) Appropriation 3) Assimilation Although the body can be eating, digesting, using food and cleaning all at the same time to varying degrees, it has been found that from approximately 4am until noon, the body is cleansing itself (eliminating) - this is why, for example, people wake up with headaches, crusty eyes, furred tongues and so on - this is the debris coming out. It makes most sense for the body to be doing its housecleaning while we are asleep, because it's then that we are not exerting any extra energy and can let nature take its course. During this first 8 hour period, the best foods we can possibly eat (if we want to) are fruits or fruit, veg or green juices, because they require minimal digestion and are the only foods which have been found not to interfere with this cleansing process. Therefore the ideal scenario is to try and incorporate as much fresh fruit or juice into your morning routine and slowly cut down (and ideally, out) on other items. Basically, as soon as you eat anything else, the cleansing stops. I'm convinced that my keeping to this routine for so long is largely responsible for keeping my weight low and my energy high. And you just feel so clean too! The second eight hour cycle, appropriation, is between noon and 8pm which, when you think about it, is when most of us eat our two main meals of the day - lunch and dinner. This is the time when the body is most efficient at digesting and dealing with foods. It's also the time when we are burning them up the fastest because we're at our most active. As long as we are eating according the dictates of our appetite, we should be merrily refuelling and burning, refuelling and burning in a fairly steady and comfortable way, which makes for a really comfortable feeling in the body and a great relationship with food! Eating when one is truly hungry can take a bit of getting used to, but is far more enjoyable than eating just because the clock dictates it's lunchtime. And it makes so much sense! The third cycle, appropriation, is the time for utilising the food you have consumed during the day. Assimilation takes place between (approximately) 8pm and 4am, i.e. the time you're most likely to be relaxed, asleep or least active. During this time the body can get to work drawing all of the goodness out of your food from the day, and working on healing and rebuilding. As this phase starts drawing to a close it leads neatly back into the first cycle, cleansing, as it gets rid of everything it doesn't need.By working in conjunction with these cycles, you will become much more aware of how real they are. If you are trying to lose weight, making full use of the elimination cycle especially is going to be a tremendous help to you as you'll not only be extending the cleansing cycle to its maximum, but you'll also be giving yourself the opportunity to really earn your lunch! This whole concept is one of my favourites, it makes so much sense intellectually, but as with all of these things, the proof of the pudding is in the... (eating, digesting...!)

Monday, March 10, 2008

Life is good and the living is easy

So I am doing great. It is a slow and steady race but hey I cant complain. I have added about 2 pounds on to my last total. So far I am losing very well. It is tough because I am out of my office quite a bit and on top of that I am invited to many lunches and dinners...all of them tasty. But hey all I have to do is plan and stay strong and before long you all will not recognize me. Yep I am on my way.